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CHEERS Rewards for VEND Holders

CHEERS Rewards program for XLM Holders is a fun social reward program that runs across our family of DRINKS Tokens, BEER Tokens and VEND Token, and rewards the community across holding, duration, portfolio and more.

Earning CHEERS rewards works in two ways; 

Off-Premise is earning rewards by holding, holding duration, providing liquidity, and various initiatives aimed at increasing adoption and usage of $VEND, $BEER, $DRINKS helping to grow the ecosystem and community. 

On-Premise is earning rewards by using "PAIRED TOKENS" on retail purchases in VEND Business Points. As we connect businesses to Stellar and VEND, these businesses will be highlighted in the directory by category and geo-code location so you can easily find, shop and support crypto friendly businesses near you.

There will also be opportunity to earn extra rewards through bug bounties, content contributions, and treasure hunts, where you can find tokens in cafes, pubs, clubs, and more around your area.

To get started all you need to do is hold BEER, VEND, DRINKS Tokens at CLUB Levels, and the rewards start automatically.

CHEERS Club Holding Levels

Rewards are based on individual BEER, COFFEE, TEA, WATER, WINE, and VEND Token holding levels.

The CHEERS ClubsHolding Levels
The SHOT Club100*
The PONY Club14,000
The POT Club28,500
The CHALICE Club33,000
The SCHOONER Club42,500
The STEIN Club50,000
The PINT Club568,000
The JUG Club1,140,000
The KEG Club5,000,000
The BARRELL Club10,000,000

*The SHOT Club only applies to Whisky, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Bourbon, BloodyMary, Caipirinha, Daiquiri, Mai Tai, Margarita, Martini, Mojito, Negroni Tokens, wallets must hold a minimum of 100 of any of these tokens to start earning CHEERS holding, asset and duration rewards.

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Participating Tokens

BEER Tokens

Domain: beer.stellarmint.io

Assets: Ale, Beer, Cider, Drunkcoin, Grain, Hop, IPA, Lager, Ninkasi, Stout, Tip.


Domain: stellardrinks.stellarmint.io

Assets: Coffee, Tea, Water, Milkshake, Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Bourbon, Bloody Mary, Caipirinha, Daiquiri, Maitai, Margarita, Martini, Mojito, Negroni.

VEND Token

Domain: vend.stellarmint.io

Asset: Vend

OFF Premise Rewards

Off Premise comprise of four levels of rewards, starting with a reward for Holding a certain amount of tokens, then an Asset reward based on your portfolio, which rolls into a fantastic multiplier reward based on Duration of holding across the portfolio. The final level is Liquidity Pool rewards for providing liquidity on selected Stellar market pairs like BEER / XLM. We will be adding more pairs to the reward lineup.

Level 1 (25% of 1%) HOLDING Reward

This reward is for holders of BEER, VEND and DRINKS Tokens. All holders automatically earn 25% of 1% of their token holding as per CLUB Level every month.

Example - a Pony Club Member holding 14,000 BEER would earn 35 CHEERS Tokens per month HOLDING Reward.

Level 2 (37.5% of 1%) ASSET Portfolio Reward

Holders can earn an additional 3.75% for each additional asset held (min of 14,000 per asset to qualify). 

Example - a Pony Club Member would earn an additional 5.25 CHEERS Token for each asset they held at the minimum 14,000 level. Maximum CHEERS earned would be 52.5 per month ASSET Reward

Level 3 (monthly multiplier) ASSET DURATION Reward

Holders can earn an additional 3.125% per month per token, a multiplier for every month token assets are held and maintained at current CLUB level or above. If holder drops to a lower CLUB Level from where they started, duration bonus gets reset. 

Example - a PONY Club member would earn 4.38 CHEERS Token in month 1, 8.75 in month 2, 13.12 tokens in month 3 and so on, for each token they held, maximum CHEERS earned would be 429 per year per token. If the Pony Club member drops below 14,000 tokens, the duration reward would be reset to month 1, and the duration reward cycle would start again.

OFF Premise BONUS - Level 4: LIQUIDITY POOL Rewards

A special reward for liquidity providers of selected pools, where eligible contributors can win exclusive NFT's and earn extra rewards. From time to time, we partner with other exciting block chain projects where our communities come together to earn even more special rewards.

Every month, we take random snapshots, one being for the token rewards, then additional snapshots for the NFT Rewards.

The reward tokens are distributed by the end of the month, and reward NFT's are usually distributed with 72 hours of the snapshots. 

Liquidity Pools on the SDEX Explorer



NFT Rewards: The TOP 25 contributors in each pool win an exclusive BEER Bottle Bros NFT by Sir Cheesely, our resident artist. There will 99 BEER Bottle Bros in the series, a fun digital collectible, don't miss your chance to get them all. Please note, the Holding level applies to the pools, meaning you must have at least 14k BEER in the pool to qualify to be in the Top 25

Rewards Payments: Snapshot for all rewards are taken on a random day during the month - Rewards are sent at the end of the month. For holders who do not have reward asset (CHEERS) or partner asset, rewards will be sent as claimable balances and valid for 30 days, if not claimed within the 30 day period, rewards for the month are forfeited and burned. 

ON Premise Rewards

Starting 2023 On-Premise is earning rewards by using "PAIRED TOKENS" out in the world on retail purchases in participating VEND Business Points.

As local businesses come online with VEND and connect to Stellar or XRPL, these businesses will be highlighted in the directory by category and geo-code by location so you can easily find, shop and support crypto friendly businesses near you.

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