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Stellar powered Point of Sale Software and Marketing Platform for Merchants.

Everything you need in One Platform. 

Bridging the gap between technology, blockchain and mainstream applications for businesses and customer experiences.

We believe in a future where doing business, earning, investing, saving, spending whether on a personal or commercial level is decentralized, fair, and sustainable for all. 

VEND is a token, platform, ecosystem and community focused on making crypto currency fun, familiar and easy to use everyday.


A Stellar way to do business.

VEND is the next generation Point of Sale, ordering, payments and marketing platform for merchants, powered by Stellar. 

An easy digital business solution designed for retail, hospitality and online businesses.

Accept VEND Tokens alongside many other Stellar Tokens and local currencies, create menu's, posters, QR codes, credit notes, bookings, subscriptions, split bills, discounts, reports, rosters, stock control, you name it, everything you need, connected in one system.


Paired VEND Tokens

Trade with Tokens.

The core idea is making purchases for #food, #drinks, and everyday items using tokens easy, removing friction with a business, and possible complications with users of 'Do I have the right token?

VEND will allow the exchange and payment for your goods and services with selected and verified XLM and XRP Tokens, which we refer to as "Paired Tokens".  

Someone wants to pay with XLM BEER Token and your business currently accepts XRP CANNA Coin - no problem!  VEND calculates the exchange rates. between each tokens value and payment. 

VEND Token.

The VEND platform uses VEND Token and many other Tokens within the system.

VEND Tokens are secure, fast, and green form of payment, that can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds for only a few cents, compared to using normal money and traditional banking systems.

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