VEND Token


VEND Token.

The StellarVEND platform uses VEND Token, BEER Tokens, DRINKS Tokens and many other Stellar Tokens within the network.

Stellar tokens are secure, fast, and green form of payment, that can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds for only a few cents, compared to using normal money and traditional banking systems.

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Vend Token

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Token Features.

VEND Tokens powers the StellarVEND platform and can be transferred in seconds across the Stellar network, without any banks or middleman, and costs less than a few cents per transaction.


Stellar Network powers VEND Token and many others, it’s the most secure and advanced blockchain system in the world..

Person To Person

Payments and transfers with VEND Token and other Stellar assets on the network, are done directly between the sender and receiver of the tokens.


As verified Stellar Assets, VEND Token are exchangeable with many Stellar assets in the Stellar Network.

Seamless Transfers

VEND Tokens can be directly sent to anyone anywhere in the world, without restriction or 3rd party intervention.

Lightning Fast

Sending, swapping or trading VEND Token and any asset on the Stellar Network is almost instant and takes only a few seconds to send or receive funds across the network.

Lowest Fees

Whether sending $1.00 or $100M in VEND Tokens, the the average transaction fee is around 0.00001 XLM to 0.001 XLM per transaction.

Dedicated Platforms

VEND Token is only available through Stellar wallets and exchanges, no other middleman, bank, or intermediary is required,


Being part of the Stellar Blockchain Network makes VEND Token is a green, efficient and sustainable digital asset compared to others.

Where to get VEND Token?

VEND Token can be bought, sold, and traded on the Stellar Network, via any of the following;

VEND on Lobstr

Lobstr is a simple and Secure Stellar Lumens Wallet and a great way to get started with Stellar crypto. Available as web, Android and iOS apps.

VEND on Scopuly

Scopuly allows you to: store, receive / send, decentrally trade crypto assets, issue tokens, buy crypto for fiat and analyze data from the Stellar blockchain.

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